Employee Benefits

Competitive Salary

We offer our employees with the most market competitive salary packages. Our goal is to be fair to the contribution made by the employee towards the organizational growth.

Car Entitlement

We believe in promoting the right talent. Based on your tenure with COSMOS and your grades on the hierarchy, all managers are entitled for cars.

Friendly Work Environment

COSMOS is a place where you can face challenges with a smile on your face as the work environment is structured in a way that the place feels like a Home away from Home.

Health and Life Insurance

It is our responsibility to ensure the wellbeing and health of our employees and therefore, we have our own customized healthcare and Life insurance plan for our employees and their immediate families.

5 Days’ Work Week

Work-life balance is important for a healthy workforce. Keeping that in mind, we have Saturdays and Sundays as off-days so that you can relax with your family members and start afresh in the coming week.

Constant Learning and Development

It is our people who have helped us to become what we are today. It is imperative that we invest in their constant growth and learning. Therefore, at COSMOS, the learning never stops. You can learn anything new you want. There is only one condition: You need to share the knowledge with others.

Paid Vacations

All work and no play is not the right way. We encourage (sometimes, force) our employees to take time off from COSMOS and involve themselves in recreational activities. All permanent employees are entitled to paid leaves so that they can refresh and revitalize their senses.

Yearly Bonuses

At COSMOS, we value the hard work you put in every day. All permanent employees who perform extraordinary throughout the year are rewarded with bonuses that equal to one month’s salary.

Provident Fund

We provide all our permanent employees with Provident Fund, where the organization and the employee contribute a certain percentage of salary towards Provident Fund of the individual.

Flexible Working Hours

At COSMOS, we care about your work-life balance and understand that you have a life outside of work. Flexible working hours are implemented across COSMOS to ensure that employees are comfortable with their working schedule and can squeeze in important personal commitments.


At COSMOS, we believe that there are unlimited opportunities to grow in the field of e-commerce business in Pakistan. As one of the fastest growing e-business in Pakistan, we believe that there is a scarcity of skilled resources in the field of e-commerce, having the right direction and skills to play a pivotal role in the growth of this industry. In order to address this gap, we, at COSMOS, have designed a unique training program that is imparted to every employee that comes on board. The training process is continuous and ensures that the employee is on board with our policies and work environment.

How We Work

It's our people that make us who we are today. At COSMOS, we seek best of the talents and empower them to inspire the world through innovation for a better tomorrow. We strive to maintain a culture of open communication where everyone is comfortable to share ideas and opinions. Not only this, we provide our employees unparalleled learning opportunities from day one. We create structures, systems, and culture that enables our people to think and do things differently in order to achieve extraordinary success.