As an organization, we envision ourselves to lead the world of online retail and commerce management. We have come a long way since our humble start in 2011.


We envision COSMOS to be the most advanced integrated platform in the world of Global E-Commerce with the potential to serve all our customers with cutting edge technology.


  • Provide the best possible e-commerce solutions to our internal and external customers
  • Give back to our Nation in the form of skilled resources with international exposure
  • Provide the best quality products to our customers
  • Always keep our employees and the work environment as friendly, peaceful and comfortable as possible

Work Philosophy

At COSMOS, sky is the limit. Literally. If you have the potential to innovate, then COSMOS is the place to be at. We believe in the growth of individuals so that they contribute towards the growth of their teams. This creates a ripple effect and ensures continuous growth for COSMOS.

Growth is the only constant at COSMOS and our Human Resource are the centre of organizational growth.

Our Driving Force

At COSMOS, we all work together based on the principle of RESPECT
R: At COSMOS, We are Responsible for our own growth and the growth of our organization.
E: At COSMOS, We Empathize with others opinions and decisions and take time to understand others' point of view.
S: At COSMOS, Self-Discipline is important for achieving personal and organizational goals.
P: At COSMOS, we always seek Positives in all situations.
E: At COSMOS, we all strive for Excellence in all aspects of our lives.
C: At COSMOS, we Care for ourselves, our organization, our goals and our teams.
T: At COSMOS, Teamwork is the most important driving force for success.